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If only it were as simple as eating less and “working out” for everyone. It’s not. That’s why I rarely start there. Everyone has a story and circumstances that matter. I want to hear about your story and understand your circumstances first.  Share and work with me in confidence knowing that I value your privacy and I never judge.  These are 4 of my coaching packages (individual sessions are available too):
Fit Esteem Reclaim: Perhaps you’ve started a family or career and have lost touch with your physical and emotional selves…Women tend to prioritize everything and everyone above taking care of themselves and then experience feelings of guilt when they do manage to “steal” a sliver of time away. But let me ask, if you don’t take care of your total self, then who? I want to help you put yourself first again. It is possible to do WITHOUT neglecting your family or career.
FE Reclaim is an 8-week program.

“I first met Chesna Closs when I attended a conference for women elected officials… where Chesna was part of the meeting. Her business “Fit Esteem” was received with enthusiasm and pleasure because of her approach to fitness and well-being. I was so impressed by her knowledge and caring that I recommended my daughter Michelle become a member of her program. For the rest of the conference the women had so much fun…” Dot LaMarche, Vice-Mayor, Farragut, Tenn.

Fit Esteem Bounce Back: Or maybe you’ve been so busy “navigating” life issues that you haven’t been able to focus on yourself. Have you gone through divorce? Been there. I was upside down for years after mine. Have you spent years as a caretaker for an ailing child or parent? Been there too and sometimes the aftermath has a lasting effect. It’s hard to take care of yourself holistically when you’re juggling too many balls, wearing too many hats and are stretched to thin. I want to help you “bob & weave” so that you can begin to take care of yourself holistically; THAT’S WHERE THE CHANGE MUST START IN ORDER FOR YOU TO THRIVE. FE Bounce Back is a 12-week program.

“After starting your program, I have much better TOOLS to use to keep moving forward! I know that many people will benefit from your approach and I am grateful to have been a part of this program. There is a need for FE – the world needs women who believe in a holistic approach to health/fitness – that the soul needs as much of a workout as the body.”  
Sandy Kim, Actor.

Coaching_Pic“As a business owner and mother of 2 small children, I have a lot on my plate and don’t always put myself first. After we had our daughter in October, my husband gave me the gift of Chesna! I started training with Chesna 2 months after my baby was born via C section and in one month I have lost 10 POUNDS, gained muscle, strengthened my core, and my confidence has soared!
Chesna is careful to assess where I am emotionally and physically each session and she tailors my workout to be challenging yet safe for ME! She makes suggestions for diet and nutrition and encourages me to rotate the type of physical exercise I am doing each day. Chesna’s knowledge, experience, and positive attitude have truly been the support I need to achieve my fitness and life goals! Thank you for helping me get my sexy back, Chesna!” Dr. Megan Brown

Fit Esteem Begin Anew: Or could it be that you have “navigated” your way through the muck but are so overwhelmed and worn out that you just don’t know how or where to begin? And now you’re beating yourself up for allowing it to get so bad. I’m willing to bet that you did the best you could given what you had and where you were at the time. The important thing is that you made it through!!! So KUDOS to you for that – now you’re in the position to share your story with another woman because what didn’t kill you made you stronger…You might be a hot mess but WE can fix that (smile.)
FE Begin Anew is a 12-week program.

“Thank you Chesna for changing it up and keeping me challenged, motivated and wanting more! FE for life!!!” Dorothy Boczar
“My goals have changed from losing weight to changing my whole lifestyle inside and out. I realize fitness starts from your mindset and then manifests itself physically.” Chantaille Blake

Contact_PicFit Esteem Nudge: Perhaps it’s just not that serious and you’re just in need of a little push or help to take you to the next level. I can help whether you w
ant to lose a little bit of weight & get in shape for a special event like a kid’s wedding, a milestone birthday or that vacation bikini! I will help you get there safely and effectively without doing anything that I wouldn’t do.  
FE Nudge is a 4-week program.

“I am so happy that I decided to follow Chesna’s program!!!   My extra weight came on slowly and when my clothes were not fitting properly, I realized that I had to finally do something. I thought the weight would take forever to lose and I wasn’t sure if the program would even work for me. I began to eliminate all the unhealthy things in my diet such as cookies, chocolate, and ice cream. I also cut out all breads. I started eating more protein and fruits and vegetables. I try only to eat foods with natural ingredients and low sodium. I find that I am eating small meals all day. I found that I wasn’t hungry and the weight started coming off. I have lost 6 pounds in21 days! I couldn’t believe how easy it was. I also need to mention that I have been exercising 5-6 days a week. I train with Chesna twice a week. She is really amazing at training. I highly recommend Chesna’s program. Since I have started the program, I have more energy and I am not tired all the time. I plan to continue eating “clean” as Chesna calls it and of course exercising on a regular basis. Thank you Chesna for all your support!”
Mrs. Wendy Goldman

Are you part of a group of coworkers, friends, family members or sorority sisters who want to go through a program as a group? Group coaching is available!

 Contact Chesna if you are interested in any of the above.  Early-bird specials going on now for fall & winter programs.