Physical Fitness For Adults:
Our take on physical fitness is this: It means more than being thin or buffed. Adults should strive to achieve a healthier and more complete level of fitness through training that incorporates all aspects of physical fitness: flexibility, core strength, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular health.  “Cross train” by incorporating all of these elements into your training. Follow us for custom training routines!


Move it or Lose it! (1)Physical Fitness For Seniors: It’s common for seniors to become less active because of pain and discomfort. We believe that much of this pain and discomfort can be alleviated if not prevented through appropriate training. Balance, mobility, strength and flexibility training for seniors are a must. Seniors can improve their strength at any age. Our motto for seniors is “move it or lose it!” Follow us for tip and resources specifically for seniors.



Child's PlayPhysical Fitness For Kids: Chesna’s motto for kids: “Let’s help our little ones become holistically-fit big ones. It takes a village!” Programs and activities for kids should be holistic in nature and Realistic, Enjoyable and Doable (The Fit Esteem “R.E.D. Approach”).  Kids should not be pressured to “diet” or “lose weight.” When it come to children, the focus should be on teaching them how to live a healthy lifestyle and allowing them to PLAY like kids.