Get Fit Esteem

Adult Services:
Fun and effective personal training and fitness services available for individuals and small groups of all ages and abilities. Services include customized programming that incorporates all aspects of fitness.  We can work with you in your home, on special location (job, community center, place of worship, etc.) or you can come to one of our participating facilities (currently in Easton and Bethlehem, PA).

Judgment-free, Hassle-free And Above All, Gawker-free Services Just For Women!:
We provide special holistic training for women of all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. All programs include comprehensive outside support and follow-up. We specialize in creating a positive and nurturing environment wherever we go and can work with you privately in the comfort of your home or via online coaching.  Or, you can sign up to join a local group.  We promise to select our group participants carefully so you can let your hair down or take your wig off (actually happened once!) without worry, judgment or shame. So please come as you are! We’ll meet you where you are and take it from there! And our participating facilities are upscale and private. You will not have to worry about being gawked at, hissed at, hit on, disrespected or bothered in any way. We get it.

Online Coaching And Distance Training:
We offer a variety of online holistic fitness coaching packages. Single, ongoing and family-based packages are available. We’re certain to have something that will fit your budget and needs. We’re especially creative!

Mommy And Me:
We’re delighted to offer mommy/daddy and me holistic fitness workshops and programs. Our unique programs feature “The Fit Esteem Kids” and include original childrens’ stories, verses and song.  Learn more…  Or join our Mommy & Me Meetup group.

Unique fitness lifestyle programs that emphasize holistic fitness and wellness available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Lifestyle Programs currently available for children between the ages of 4 and 8.  Additional programs available for youth 9 – 19 years. Check out FitEsteemKids on Facebook

Realistic and culturally-relevant fitness and lifestyle programs that provide the tools and resources families need to create and maintain healthy lifestyle habits.  Programs available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Fit Esteem Programs currently available at select Boys & Girls Clubs and local community-based organizations.  Please contact us for more information.