What’s Your Emotional IQ?

Emotional intelligence (EI) involves the ability to recognize, understand, manage and express feelings positively and constructively. People with high EI can empathize with others and are aware of how their emotions affect their mood and the people around. They tend to have better interpersonal skills and know how to communicate effectively to maintain positive relationships. People with high EI tend to be happier, perform better at work and make better leaders.

High emotional intelligence allows us to handle conflict, cope with stress and deal with the demands of every-day life better without getting “stuck” or derailed permanently. Life happens to everyone. The key is bouncing back even if it takes a bit longer to do it.

5 Tips to Help Increase Your EI

  1. Practice awareness by becoming more mindful of self (and others). Know thyself first!
  2. Own it! Take responsibility for your actions and behavior.
  3. Get it off your chest. Express what you are feeling instead of bottling it up.
  4. Be the master of you! In other words, don’t let other people play you or pull your strings. This also involves not over-reacting to things.
  5. Empathize with others first by “tuning in” to what they’re feeling.

Exercise has a powerful impact on our emotions and how we feel. It is during the harshest times of turmoil and conflict that we strongly recommend and encourage a regular, consistent exercise plan.