Chesna Closs

CoverPhoto400HiResChesna Closs is an author and nationally-certified personal trainer with a Master’s in Social Work. Prior to her career in fitness, Chesna worked with the blind and visually impaired, the developmentally disabled, pregnant and parenting teens and low-income families and their children, respectively. In 1997, after losing weight and changing her eating habits, she developed a different type of self – esteem. She called it fit esteem and described it as”the feeling you get from being fit.” In 1998, she left social services completely and founded Fit Esteem as a personal training sole proprietorship.  Seventeen years of personal and professional experience has allowed Chesna to cultivate a unique approach to fitness and healthy living.

“Let’s help our little ones grow into holistically-fit big ones.  It takes a village!” – Chesna

Chesna has a particular interest in helping women, at-risk populations and kids.  She volunteers with the Boys & Girls Club of Easton, the Kellyn Foundation, Cops N Kids of Easton, and is a member of the Newark, (NJ) Municipal Health Committee.   In 2009, Chesna was appointed to the New Jersey Council on Physical Fitness and Sports for a 3 -year term (2010 – 2013).  Currently, Chesna is working on her first series of children’s books that feature original characters, stories and verses (currently being considered by Scholastic Publishing).  She is excited to announce her first official public readings at Barnes & Noble in Nov and Dec 2015.

A word from Chesna


“Hi there, having fit esteem is an amazing feeling! I first found mine 17 years ago and my mission is to help other people find their fit esteem too.  My expertise, background in social service, passion for empowering others and creative talents have allowed me to cultivate a unique approach to what I do.  I’ve worked with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities and I’ve “navigated” my way through my own share of ups and downs including the death of my father when I was 8 years old, an extremely stressful childhood, domestic abuse (maternal grandparents), suicide within the family (grandfather), health scares and divorce.  But I grew up singing in a Baptist gospel choir which helped me to develop a strong sense of spirituality that carried me through.

There isn’t much that I haven’t experienced professionally with my clients or experienced personally throughout my life.  I bring all of that valuable experience to my work.  I’ve been given a gift and am thankful to be in a position to share it.  I love what I do and look forward to working with you.”   -Chesna, The Fit Esteem Expert                                                                                             
 Chesna specializes in working with women who are trying to “get back on track,” women who are struggling with their weight or body image and women who are recovering from an illness.  Learn more…