Social fitness refers to your ability to connect with others and to maintain bonds and friendships that are fulfilling. Your degree of connectedness can have a positive effect on your emotions, lead to physiological changes within your brain, and even help to reduce stress. Studies show that having stronger social ties can add years to your life and just 10 minutes of social interaction a day can … Continue reading Social


Physical Fitness For Adults: Our take on physical fitness is this: It means more than being thin or buffed. Adults should strive to achieve a healthier and more complete level of fitness through training that incorporates all aspects of physical fitness: flexibility, core strength, muscular strength, muscular endurance and cardiovascular health.  “Cross train” by incorporating all of these elements into your training. Follow us for … Continue reading Physical


We believe in taking a common-sense approach to food and we keep it real. We DO NOT believe in dieting, quick fixes, counting calories or weighing food. Chesna encourages the following nutritional guidelines: Don’t believe hype! Get to know your body and what works for you! Practice moderation and compensation. Use common sense based on your individual body, not trendy diet fads Eat breakfast Eat … Continue reading Nutritional


What’s Your Emotional IQ? Emotional intelligence (EI) involves the ability to recognize, understand, manage and express feelings positively and constructively. People with high EI can empathize with others and are aware of how their emotions affect their mood and the people around. They tend to have better interpersonal skills and know how to communicate effectively to maintain positive relationships. People with high EI tend to … Continue reading Emotional


Spirituality can be described in many ways. For some, spirituality has religious connotations and represents a connection to a “higher power.” For others, spirituality represents a deep connection with others and the outside world around them. We believe that spirituality helps us to find meaning or purpose in life which allows us to distinguish between what is important and what is not. Regardless of one’s … Continue reading Spiritual