About FE

What is Fit Esteem?

Fit esteem is the feeling you get from being fit.  “Being” fit means more than a number on a scale or a clothing size.  And it means more than having a six pack or lifting a lot of weight.  True fitness transcends the physical.  When you have fit esteem, you are fit emotionally, spiritually, socially, nutritionally and physically.  We refer to this expanded notion of fitness as holistic fitness. 

About the Company

Fit Esteem was founded in 1998 as a personal training sole proprietorship. Today, Fit Esteem, LLC., offers a full array of fitness services that include: individual and small group training; workshops and lectures for corporations and organizations and; healthy lifestyle programs for children and their families.  We offer services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York City.

Our Mission

The mission of Fit Esteem is: To create holistic AND culturally-relevant programming that is appropriate for all ages and abilities; To create programming that considers the socioeconomic factors and barriers that can impact health and wellness; To empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices; To help people maintain healthy lifestyles permanently; To inspire people to pay fitness forward by encouraging those around them to lead healthy lives too; To improve self esteem and; To celebrate fitness throughout the entire lifespan.

Our Philosophy

Having fit esteem feels good! Our mission is to help you to find your own version of fit esteem through unique programming that gives you the expertise, structure, motivation and support you need to get there. We specialize in meeting people where they are and working from there.  We believe in starting with the basics and giving mega doses of support, motivation and encouragement to better ensure your success.  And we take pride in keeping it real so that our clients can too!